Facts about TakeoEdit

250px-NZ Takeo
  • Japanize
  • Yellow scorecard while playing
  • Though Takeo gets a lot of respect from Dempsey , he only returns a certain amount of this respect.
  • He hates Nikolai Belinski who, in return, hates him as well.In Black Ops, Takeo's appearance has become noticeably different.
  • He grew a mustache, his face looks older and he sounds older. He might have aged while teleporting 15 years into the future, which would explain his changed appearance although this is not likely as the others don't look or sound any older
  • In Shangri-La, he often calls Nikolai "Nikki".
  • Takeo was a Captain, as shown on his wrist cuff insignia.
    • Takeo finds the Monkey Bomb very amusing.
    • Takeo carries an unusable katana.

Quick Revive is Takeo's favorite perk, sometimes commenting on how it tastes like sushi.Takeo has preference to SMGs.He is the only Japanese character in Call of Duty: Black Ops.Takeo is allergic to prunes.In Call of The Dead, Nikolai , Dempsey , and Richtofen can be heard behind a locked door. Takeo is revealed to be ill and isn't talking at all during the dialogs

  • If the player completes the Original Characters Trapped easter egg in solo, they unlock an Xbox Live Gamer Picture of Takeo's profile picture from the Black Ops version of Shi No Numa.
  • According to the hidden radios in Call of the Dead, Takeo is Test Subject N3WB, which spells out "NEWB".**Takeo shows outward respect towards Richtofen, yet holds a secret grudge against him.
    • Takeo murdered his own family for their insolence.
  • In Shangri-La, Takeo says that his favorite upgraded weapon is the Mnesia.
  • In Moon, Takeo no longer has his hat on.
  • Judging from how he hates Nikolai and holds a grudge against Richtofen, it would appear that his best relationship among the characters is with Dempsey, who treats him with much respect.

Captain Takeo Masaki is a Japanese soldier who fought in the Imperial Japanese Army, and is a playable character in Zombies. His player indicator color is yellow. But is randomized in Moon. Edit